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Default weird sfv situation

Ok im sorry if im abit incoherent now. its my 39th+ hour without sleep.
im not even sure if im posting this in the right place.

The situation is like this.

When uploading files. it goes very well and it says something like

[100% Complete]-[49F @ 687.6MB at 2.2MBps]-[imdbinfo - Comedy Horror Family Fantasy (2003) - 5.2 (1,055 votes)]

the announces on irc has been all happy and joy.

But then after awhile I get complaints about broken files so I manually check then with hksfv and yes, I have a bunch of broken files.

I am at the moment clueless and would be very grateful to any kick in the right direction to finding a solution.
Tried checking the disks for errors several times. but I think the script should have complained upon upload if that was the case.

I am using
200-ioFTPD version 5-8-4r
200-ioBanana version v19
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