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mouton: thanks i'll try that
tuff: to me it sounds like you have a script conflict? i don't know how, are you sure you don't have another call for msg?


consinder this:
SITE msg Admin thisisatest
param -1 = site
param 0 = msg
param 1 = Admin
param 2 = thisisatest
param 3 = blank (would be the urgent signifier if used {!})

and now consider this:
SITE msg Admin this is a test
param -1 = site
param 0 = msg
param 1 = Admin
param 2 = this
param 3 = is
param 4 = a
param 5 = test

the way it works is param 2 is the message, so you need to use
site msg Admin "this is a test"
with the quotes

If i had time right now i would change it, but i don't, and the source code is publically available so you are free to change it to accept unlimited parameters, but as it is, the syntax is
site msg <username> "<message>"
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