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Default blowfish pb with dZSbot and NEWDIR

I have a little problem while using blowfish encryption in a channel

I can't use encrypted commands in the channel, on both , newdir and dzsbot.
Only regular dzsbot cmds are interpreted or only newdir commands are interpreted

for example, if !new works in the chan , !bw will not work
or if !bw works , the !new cmd don't react
depend of the order I was using in eggdrop.conf :

source scripts/newdir.tcl
source scripts/dZSbot.tcl
= !new not working and !bw works

source scripts/dZSbot.tcl
source scripts/newdir.tcl
= !new works and !bw don't work

I use this config on both :
# set the blowfish encrytion key (empty = no encryption)
set newdir(KEY) "here_comes_my_pass"
# set the blowfish header tag
set newdir(HEADER) "mcps"

So , I have to deactivate the blowfish encryption, just to type !new .
is there a way to have dzsbot and newdir , interpreting together the blowfish encryption ?


ioFTPD 5-8-4r - dZSbot 1.12 - NEWDIR 3.5.0 - Eggdrop 1.6.13+SSL - ioA 1.1.0 - PHP_pSio 0.1.4
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