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Default ip change problem

When my IP change (by releasing the router DHCP and Renewing the DCHP) anyone who try to login get stuck on Passive, and in the passive message I can see the previous IP:

227 Entering Passive Mode (218,153,139,15,129,42) <--- previous IP
Data Socket Error: Connection timed out
List Error
----stuck here----

If I toggle (in FlashFXP) the option "Site uses IP masq/NAT/Non-reroutable IP" I connect without a problem, but when I remove it it just hang. I tried many times even after 30 minutes.
Of course, if I site config rehash or just kill and restart the process, everything is fixed, but as u said - the Service_Update = * * * * &Service_Update should fix that automatically...

my ioftpd version is 5.8.4r

Ports = 25001-26000
Random = True
Global_Inbound_Bandwidth = 0
Global_Outbound_Bandwidth = 0
Client_Inbound_Bandwidth = 0
Client_Outbound_Bandwidth = 0
Host =
Bind =

Type = FTP
Device_Name = Any
Port = 1616
Description = My FTP Service
User_Limit = 10
Allowed_Users = *
Messages = ..\text\ftp

i use directupdate to update the dns and its checking every 60 sec.
when ip change the directupdate chang the ip. and users can connect but they hang on the passive port.
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