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Default my example...

i have a one stranger error about site close

but. i'm not think big trouble..

If this new post is not seen by me. i maybe no comment about this

in my case(ordinary setting, site open and site close is used by 1M flag)
i'm work 'site close' for server maintaining and testing
i had command 'site close' by ioFTPD ID(1MH flag)
and ioFTPD server is closed(i am disconnected or logoff... )

next time(i say that it's test in above line)
i try to connect to my server by ioFTPD ID for reopen
but server is closed...
ioFTPD 1M flag user can't connect to ftp server too and they can't sent 'site open' in server for reopen because server is closed and he is not connected
i am nervous this fact.
but i can finding that another(3 flag, my other id) can connect ftp server(i'm not understanding about this reason..but it's true). but they can sent 'site open' because it's not 1M flag..
because my other id is one only and server must be reopen quickly. i haven't more time for testing

i quickly edit.. 'site open' command's flag to *(all) in ioFTPD.ini
and i can reopen the site by another 3 flag id

it's report..
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