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mm whats the cookie to use for user and group in the norace announce?/
i tried %U but it doesnt work...

Cookies seem to be changing anywayz
$video_norace_complete = "COMPLETE: \"%v\" \"DONE -> %B%r%B [ %B%m%BmB in %B%f%BF at %B%A%BkB/s ] was completed by %B%u%B racer(s) from %B%g%B group(s). %l %L\""; */

$user_top = "STATS: \"%v\" \"%n. %B%u%B/%g [%mM/%fF/%p%/%sKB/s] - rank:%u\"";

%u is user in stats but a number in complete

Either way i wanted something like this:
$audio_norace_complete = "COMPLETE: \"%v\" \"DONE -> %B%r%B [ %B%m%BmB in %B%f%BF at %B%A%BkB/s in %t ] was completed by %B%u%B/%g \"";

Anyone can help?
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