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is it possible to use 2 folders for creating incomplete tagz ?
like for example in the config.php , having a setup like :

$incomplete_cd_indicator = "..\\..\\(incomplete)-(%0)-%1";
$incomplete_indicator = "..\\(incomplete)-%0";
$incomplete_cd_indicator = "D:\\ftproot\\incomplete\\(incomplete)-(%0)-%1";
$incomplete_indicator = "D:\ftproot\\incomplete\\(incomplete)-%0";

so I can check directly in INCOMPLETE folder if there is any to finish , or directly in the dir I'm uploading to .
hehe , i've tried to create my own $incomplete_cd2_indicator fonction , in "funcs.php" but no way , i dunno nothing in programming , copy/past isn't enough !

a little annoying thing is all the new ".ioFTPD.psio_cache._" files created , like Guardian said , a nicee option, will be to delete them after the race.

great zipscript Snypetest.

... kthx.stfu.omg.roflmao.afk.btw ...
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