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Actually, there's one thing that's been buggin' me, tho it's not really a lack of buttons, it's more of a button that don't quite work as expected.

The queue-info.. In FTP only mode tab'ing switches between local and remote, and the hot-key, Ctrl-I, does an inverse select in either of the two. However, that key is also tied to said info, yet you can never get there with a key-stroke; you need to right-click in the queue-window and that defeats the purpose of a hot-key. Of course, the hot-key works as intended if the queue-window is already selected by the mouse.

I suspect this is an oversight, because the queue-info isn't listed in the shortcut keys, still a key that did work as intended from anywhere, would be greatly appreaciated.

That specific enough? Do I get my sweets now?
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