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Default Question about ONLINEDATA and -1 as CID/UID

I think i found the problem why my shmem tools crash ioFTPD when i run more than one. (tested on 5.6.3r)

I created a test script that sends request for ONLINEDATA in an endless loop, so +100 times per second.

When i run one process of the script, all is fine, always returns "No Users Online".
When i start a second process, ioFTPD instantly crashes.

After a little looking around, it seems CID is set to -1. I was only checking for UID = -1 to skip those online users.
But is it normal that, although there are no online users, ioFTPD replies that there is atleast one online user, and it has CID = -1 ?
Because i never read anything about that, only that i should ignore online users with UID = -1.

I'll just replace the code in my scripts to check for both CID and UID = -1, that way, i was able to run as much instances of my hammering script as i want without a single crash.
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