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Originally posted by JoeBAR
The recovery option is available for SERVICES, i.e application which can NATIVELY run as service.
Not to break your fun, but Windows comes with a service wrapper since... hum.. nt4 I would say... it's called srvany and is included on Windows CDs, somewhere in EXTRA or RESOURCE dir. Even if you don't have your Windows CD handy (for some unknown reason), it's available on Microsoft website.

Thus why a 3rd-party service wrapper gives nothing more to the user, except a gui. Thus my point. Ppl want a gui...

Originally posted by JoeBAR
FirDaemon is used to wrap an application into a service, which is a completely different thing.. Check your service console, you'll see the option.
What option ?

Originally posted by JoeBAR
It seems that Mr Knowitall just learnt sumthin.
Nope. Sorry. dasOp showed me something, u didn't.
May I add that next time u got desobligent comment, keep it to yourself. This thread was all decent argumenting until you posted. ie keep it clean of get out.

Originally posted by JoeBAR
AS a side note, Firedaemon is not a console ( != dos) application anymore.
Maybe u didn't understand my last message correctly. I said that ppl liked FireDaemon cause that gave them a gui, compared to installing the service in a command-prompt.

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