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Originally posted by mr_F
i think crashguard is a useless feature, in that if ioFTPD is going to be stable there is no need for a crashguard. and if it's not going to be stable then why are we paying for it.
Well, a lot of ppl use monitors on internet connections... Not because it's a bad ISP, but because it's better to be able to react fast is something happens than to be sorry when we see something hapenned hours ago. Same applies to software... No software is bugless... and not being bugless means it could crash... either from a hardware failure (RAM, HD, CPU...) or bad scripts doing invalid stuff on io shared memory, against which io can't do much except validity checks, I'm sure io can crash, even if it never did for me...

Wouldn't u prefer your site restarting by itself seconds after it crashed and having your customers (users) be able to continue working on your ftp, to having to restart it manually once u see it's down because one of those guys complained it's not working..?

Anyway, now with dasOp point on services recovery options built-in Windows, I don't see the point of crashguard either, except if dark didn't know about that or if it is temporary until it runs as a service natively...
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