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Originally posted by dasOp
I find the service-argument kinda self-defeating. If an app can run as a service it wont need a crashguard. The service control host handles that.

As for site shutdown, I dont agree. A reboot of computer sure cant trigger a site shutdown. Just handling a window message would be fine with me but io doesnt. So io gets TerminateProcess() in the head by the system.
I doubt Windows service handler allows restarting a service on crash. 3rd party (non-free) service managers like FireDaemon can do it, but it basically does the same as dark does atm... U got a firedaemon.exe process running all the time which monitor the process and restart the service if it see it disappear... What's the diff. between having two ioftpd.exe processes or one ioftpd.exe and one firedaemon.exe processes ?

As for the shutdown windows message thing, dark said he would implement it in the future. It's still not ready because dark need to figure out thread sync before he can terminate all of them correctly.

It's still beta software, and asking to remove a new feature in a beta software based on future developments not being done yet ... makes no sense to me...

toki: latest ioB being older than site shutdown, i doubt it uses that. If it does in the future, it would only be available from sitebot, since a script can't execute a SITE ... command. Sitebot could since it got a ftp session open on the site.
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