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I do not have a log file. I have turned on logging and will download the file that keeps coming up with a crc error. Let me elaborate on what is happening.

1) Download twenty 15 meg files (extension is rar thru r19). Extracted they form a 300 meg bin with cue sheet. Every now and then I get a notification that one of the files fails crc check when using Winrar to unrar the files. I compare that file to the sfv file that is created when the rar files were made using PDSFV and it too shows crc failure.

No matter how many times I download the file that fails crc it still fails and shows the same crc error. If someone else downloads that file, zips it, then sends it to me I can unzip it, copy into folder with other 19 files and unrar fine.

I'll try downloading the file again in the morning with logging on and send the log file.

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