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I was looking into donating for ioBanana, but it's missing a few things. No point paying for something that you don't use.

I was wondering if it would be to much work to change the "SITE NEW" command to use NEWDIR: in the ioFTPD logs rather then the COMPLETE: entries.

glFTPd shows newly made dirs...the purpose of site new is to show newly made dirs, why not call it site completes then. hehe :P

Or maybe a small option in the ioBanana, sitenew_complete=0/1 etc. for those who use it.

Also, the ZIP checker doesn't seem to be working properly. Some corrupt ZIPs still show

up as OK files. Btw, I'm using ioBanana v18-FREE. And judging by the Changelog, there has

been no changes to these problems yet.

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