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ioFTPD version: 5-8-5r
ioBanana version: 20


Iam haveing problems with the ioB zipscript :\ Not sure why but when uploading DVDr the INCOMPLETE folder shows 4.7% incomplete even after release is completly uploaded, this doesnt happen with smaller releases like DIVX.

Missing files arent deleted from the folder and I dont think the sfv is bad since this happends on every dvdr release.
Announce shows new dir, first file and sometimes if a racer joins it shows that aswell, but after that nothing, no halfway and complete announce...

After executing site rescan then the announce for complete pops up in chan...
Ive looked thrue vfs files everything is fine as it should be, it worked before I went off for vacation when I came back it was a mess

If anyone has a clue pls help
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