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Default Re: Couple Small Script Suggestions...

Originally posted by CustomElement
1. I dont know if it would be easier for everyone to write this into there own scripts or have a customizable script to do it itself, but is it possible to make a scrip that will allow you to do a "site version" and have it give you the current versions of all the scripts you are using.. prolly by reading it from a config file or something
ioBanana as well has a "SITE VERSION" command.
However, these scripts will not work on the "u" version, only "r" versions. The version number is appended to executable when you download the "r" version (which is when the watermark is applied).

Originally posted by CustomElement
2. SITE HELP or SITE COMMANDS to list all the commands of all the scripts on your site.. This would prolly have to be done with some sort of addon files like one addon for each script (ioA, ioBanana, etc) I noticed ioFTP doesn't even have a SITE HELP built in by default.. thought that was kinda wierd.
Well ioFTPD is still beta, there are lots of things missing that are on the TODO list; and I believe darkone mentioned that "SITE HELP" was on this list.
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