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Default little feedback + bug

Hey harm i got some feedbacks for a newer version:

When adding a vote poll, all possible answers are listed in the entry-order. For example if i enter:

site addvote "question" "a" "b" "c"

each time i'll type again "site vote view", i get the same order, like:

200- +-[ioV]------------------------------------------------------------- -- - +
200- | Current vote: question |
200- | 1 : 'a' |
200- | 2 : 'b' |
200- | 3 : 'c' |
200- + - -- ------------------------------------------------------------- -- - +

On the other hand, irc announce when typing "site logvote" lists results using VOTES order, like this way:

<eggdrop> Currents ioVOTE results are:
<eggdrop> 1: "b" - 10 votes
<eggdrop> 2: "a" - 8 votes
<eggdrop> 3: "c" - 2 votes

The trouble is that people read irc announce and then go on ftp and type SITE VOTE SEND 2, thinking they are voting "a", but infact they are voting for "b".

It would be nice if decreasing-votes order could be REMOVED from irc announce, so that numbers in irc announce would correspond to numbers shown using site command (site vote view).

I think this is a bug:
I tried to add a poll with 2 answers like:

site addvote "question" "a" "b"

This never worked and I see i can only add poll with 3 or more answers, but not 2.


Sorry for a so long topic and thanks in advance,
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