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Originally Posted by ADDiCT
If you are using the EXE version of ioGuiExt -> try the iTCL version instead: currently, none of my SHMEM scripts are interacting with 5.8.8r.
Not working ADDiCT

05-15-2006 23:44:45 "..\scripts\ioGuiExt.itcl" terminated abnormally
--------------------------- ErrorInfo ----------------------------

while executing
"vfs chattr $where 254"
If you read my quoite earlyer, you almost think that version is based on the new 5.8.8 code or at least some off maybe that's why it isn't working?
Setup: ioFTPD 6.6.0 / ioNiNJA.beta.v. / nxTools v.1.2.1
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