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running 2 instances of ioFTPD.exe in the same context isn't supported by most (all?) scripts, including mine.

if u do need to run multiple instances, run them as a service, and each under a different windows account. (or one as SYSTEM service, and one on your desktop)

But that's what ioFTPD's services are for: u can run multiple virtual ftpservers from a single ioFTPD config.

Detail of the problem: ioFTPD's (invisible) message window (where all info is available through shmem) is found with FindWindow. Normally, u only have one window, so when it's found, it's the correct one. If u run multiple ioFTPD processes, they both have a message window open, but FindWindow will only return the handle to one of them.
When u run the ioFTPD's in a separate window station, FindWindow will be limited to finding window handles in that window station. So it can only see one. So scripts will work.

Possible way of supporting multiple ioFTPD processes in the same windowstation: the other one can be found by enumerating windows, and then looking up the process id that owns that window handle, then lookup the path of the process, then decide which one u need.
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