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Originally posted by wooolF[RM]
Thanx for the comemnts, bounty! Now biggest problem is to choose zipscript that is most compatible/designed/call_it_waht_u_want for dzbot.

I've heard much of ioZS and php_psio... Very hard to choose from so many zipscripts Can anyone give some *personal* suggestions? I know it's not very nice to say that this one is the best or this one rocks etc... but anyway, any recommendations are apreciatted (u can pm me if u don't want to promote any zipscript in here)

Thanx again
project-zs 0.57pre seems to be the fastest but need to be compiled with cygwin NOT UP TO DATE

php_psio is script +/- identical to project-zs 0.57pre but wrote in php probably the most up to date zipscript atm

ioZS is a bit less fast than project-zs 0.57pre and not updated since some months

badaazs zipscript is an itcl zipscript i can't tell much about it coz i never tested it myself but i think badaazs keep it also up to date

so if you run fast server like 100mbits or higher i think project-zs 0.57pre can do the job

if you have smaller mbits all others can do the job

have fun

PS: if i'm wrong .. i think ppl will tell me and don't forget itcl probs in latests ioftpd 5.6.x family
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