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Originally posted by FTPServerTools
Hmm that could be a nice addon. It isnt that hard to build at all...
That is why I left the RAR filename - as the base for them is 15
megs so it would have a better chance at knowing the acutal
outcome over the smaller files.

*** Or in your case for FTPSERVERTOOLS as it works with your
INI - it only works in the ISO setting section of DIR's - that would
be even better !!!

ex: so if 3 15 meg files downed \ by time \ by low BW speed = MATCHED = KICKED

My main concern was people hittting the site(s) while doing 101
others things and tying up a session for much longer than
needed, I prefer the get on and get what you want, over some
****ing about with a download for 4x what it should take to get
an ISO - let alone a DVDR release.

So, if it can be adopted to work with FTPSERVERTOOLS ini settings
and the below can be a doable item - then I could do this ex:

takes ftpservertools.ini for ISO dir's (you would have to add
another section for this to work with the upload part to include
any storage drives\dirs so we get them as well)

filecount = 3 ...count how many files
lowbw = 5 ...setting of lower bw
kicktime = 1 ...2 hour time frame (if possible)
kickcnt = 2 many times kicked in x hours (if possible)

take the first 2 and do the number crunching, if the user is
below the average = kicks

take the kick counter = matches 2 times in 1 hours, disables the
account until MIDNIGHT when you then can run a reset on the
users that have been disabled...

I know it's reaching...but I as well know your determination when
you take on a new script May as well ask for it all and see what
you come up with...

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