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Default sorry~

i can't understand your comment
please. teach to me more easily..

1. iobanana.ini(in ioftpd) have not "bind"(?)
2. iobanana.tcL(in eggdrop script) have "bind"...
but it is used by below pattern
"bind pub - [set ioss(cmdpre)] nukes nukesalias"
there is no bind time example (etc. bine time - is not be)
3. i think that modified iobanana.ini does not cause
scheduled annoncing..
so. i'm understand your comment totaly

i just want that
automatically request content announcing in irc channel with interval(30min or 1hour)

recently, my ioftpd and windrop's request fuction is well working
site request, site reqfilled, site reqdel(in FTP), !requests(in irc) function working well. etc...
[ REQUEST ] there is currently no request.
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