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Default issue with RETR /.../file

VFS setup:
c:\ftproot\ /
g:\games\ /incoming/games/

Section setup:
games = /incoming/games/* 1 1
default = /* 0 0

User's PWD: /
(so he's in section 0)

Downloading a file with :
RETR /incoming/games/release/filename.rar
(which is in section 1)

ioFTPD works correct, it removes credits from section 1 creditcounter.

Now here's the "problem":
Environment variables are set to section 0, so if a script uses those env. vars. to check something, it will think that the user downloaded a file in section 0.
(no idea if it applies to itcl as well)

shmem ONLINEDATA struct contains / for PWD and c:\ftproot\ for realpath, while in effect, the file is in g:\games\release\
This makes it impossible to check the filesize of the local file.

Is there any way to get the correct section/path without blocking "RETR */*" commands?
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