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Originally posted by CoMa
Hoooo... i'm so stupid
Of course ioFTPD is only used in a professionnal manner lol.....
I never said that now did I? But if you kept up to date on the forums, darkone's intent is to try and get ioFTPD ready for a more professional enviroment.
Originally posted by CoMa
NeoXed, you don't have read correctly my suggestion. I speak about a "PLUG-IN" addon not "BUILD IN"
Well to be honest, your original post was unclear and poorly worded. Try being more dessisive before posting an idea. Especially the phrase "plug this fine prog to ioFTPD", what exactly does that mean? Using ioFTPD's modules or just a stand-alone script?
Originally posted by CoMa
Companies, professionnal..tsssss. Well in this way we can remove ioBanana, VFS checker, Trial, nfo, IMDB and all warez related stuff !? don't you think !?
In case you hadn't noticed those are scripts, they are not included with the ioFTPD package nor are you forced to use them. Any FTPD can be used for "warez" or legimate purposes depending on the functionality of the FTPD.
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