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too bad u r away b0unty...

anyway, i modyfied btrial.tcl and bquota.tcl only because if you !trial/!quota user script doesnt show any username, just stats/numbers (conflict starts when two users do !quota himself same time )

set btannounce(TIMER) "\[User: %bold%user%bold\] - \[Time Remaining: %bold%timer%bold\]"


set bqannounce(TIMER) "\[User: %bold%user%bold\] - \[Time Remaining: %bold%timer%bold\]"

now, bquota.tcl works, bot shows [User: some_user] etc....

but in btrial.tcl it does not i get only:

[User: %user] etc...

dunno why

and second thing: would be really great if you could add !trials/!quotas commands to show all passed and failed users

cool scripts, TY!

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