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Default StormNFO - Logs/announces nfo's/url's

Aika was complaining that some script that was supposed to log uploaded nfo's to a logfile wasn't working correctly. So I wrote one. So basically this little script just logs the path of an .nfo when it's uploaded. Dunno if it's of any use to anyone, but who cares See inside for installing instructions.

UPDATE (v1.1):

+ Announces received nfo's on irc
+ Announces url's found in nfo's on irc

UPDATE (v1.2):

+ Includes a site .nfo file in every release that is uploaded

UPDATE (v1.3):

+ Now spams sitenfo when an sfv is uploaded, instead when an nfo is uploaded, so it looks better on multiple CD releases.

UPDATE (v1.4)

+ Output for dzsbot announce.

Oh and btw, this script works on ALL versions of ioftpd (so also 5.6.0+, despite the changes in the environment).

Edit: Download this script at

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