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Exclamation Slow welcome message listing...

I have this highly annoying problem with my FlashFXP copy (1.4.3 Build 835)
The problem is when im connecting to sites... the welcome message is so slow.... usually, the welcome message scrolls fast like he*l... but not for me... And i know that it has nothing to do with my connection (512kbit ADSL)
And if i start my PC, and opens FlashFXP without opening IE6 first, the message scrolls like the way it should do...
And this is very annoying, ive tried on IRC to get help, but nothing works... i have no clue what it can be... I recently reinstalled my Windows98 and the bug was still there... I think it can have something to do with IE6... But i really dont know...

I really hope you can help me out here..

BTW: Keep the good work up dude, awesome program.
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