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Originally posted by NeoXed
Actually you can do it using eggdrop itself, just add it in the eggdrop.conf

channel add #TheChannel {
   chanmode "+ntisp"
   idle-kick 0
   stopnethack-mode 0
   revenge-mode 0
   need-op     { putserv "PRIVMSG ChanServ :OP #TheChannel" }
   need-invite { putserv "PRIVMSG ChanServ :INVITE #TheChannel" } 
   need-key    { putserv "PRIVMSG ChanServ :INVITE #TheChannel" } 
   need-unban  { putserv "PRIVMSG ChanServ :UNBAN #TheChannel" } 
   need-limit  { putserv "PRIVMSG ChanServ :INVITE #TheChannel" } 
All your bot needs to do is identify to NickServ first, if you need a NickServ script there's plenty here: - Look under the 'Services Scripts' section.

Thanks i'll try that, sure I tried this before and it never worked..... but will try again... Thing is, don't the command /j #sitechan have to follow the invite command... or will the eggdrop try to join automatically?
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