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Question Problems with datestamps while moving folders...

Mmkay... Fast explanation:
Reason : I got 250Gb extra HDD in my box, so I've decided to move movies from smaller HDD to that new HDD and games from anotner small HDD to HDD where movies were...

Problem : After moving all folders from one HDD to another HDD, datestamp is the same for all folders. Thus killing whole purpose of Wipe script (WarChive) as all folders have same date now.

More detailed explanaion :
Datestamp consist of 3 stamps - created, modified and last accessed. When moving folders to new hdd, all folders have same datestamp (and yes, same date for created, modified and last accessed). So when u next time run Wipe utility, it will just delete folders from A to Z cause all of them have same datestamp.

Interesting detail is, that files inside moved folders do have one of the datestamps (modified) right. But not the folders that those files are located inside of...

I have tried over 7 different programms that works with datestamp, even some sync-related proggies, after now 3 days I'm desperate...

I'm not a coder, nor a (i)TCL scripter, but I thought of some solution that will:
1) Check date of the moved folder
2) Write it to some variable
3) Move folder to new HDD
4) Read variable
5) Touch folder so the modified datestamp will be same as before moving...

I've talked to darkone about this problem some days ago and he said that it is possible to do even in TCL with "vfs flush"...

[ dark0n3 ] it's easier to just notify io through shared memory.. or via itcl
[ dark0n3 ] you could ie. create simple script that flushes cache zor all directories recursively
[ dark0n3 ] (in archive)
Prolly d1 will look into it (as we've talked about it in PM) or prolly someone else have an idea how to fix my little problem...
I will apreciatte any help on given subject. Thank you.
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