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Default Error with ioB Spider is Spamming my eggy and ioFTPD logs...

Heres what I have installed...


Its been pretty good so far but today (12/30) I noticed my eggdrop was being flooded with this line, several times a second.

[20:26] ioSS recieved error_log

Ive never seen this error I looked into the ioFTPD error log, it was 14mb in size when I went to go into it and inside that I saw this repeating error:

12-30-2003 20:17:34 Scheduler event 'Spider' returned error.

OK so there is a problem with the ioB spider? in the iobanana.ini I have the spider's account set and everything...not exactly sure whats wrong with it.

Where should I go to check what the problem is? Ive been trying for a couple hours and Im still lost.

The FTP still functions fine when running and looks normal if you were just logged in but in the background that error keeps occuring and several Processes of ioBanana keep executing..

For now I took the Spider out of the ioftpd Scheduler and it seems to be ok for now...But I would like to get the spider working again.

Rotate_Log = 0 0 * * EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.exe rotatelog
Day_Stats = 59 23 * * EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.exe daystats
Spider = 0 0 * * EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.exe SPIDER FORCEDELETE
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