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Default Not working: !leechers, !bw, ....


I am having difficulties with dzsbot, getting this:
!leechers: [STATUS] + ERROR:@initialization is downloading failed @ (iskb/sec - ioFTPDMB/running?)MB (%)

!uploaders: [STATUS] + ERROR:@initialization is uploading failed @ (iskb/sec

!bw: [BW] + Uploaders: initialization@ERROR:kb/sec - Leechers: (is@failedkb/sec - Idlers: ioFTPD - Total: @running?)kb/sec

!who: ERROR: initialization failed (is ioFTPD running?)
Command Successful

Race announcements seem to work fine , as well as requests and nukes. Just can't issue the above commands.

Here's my sitewho.ini template paths:
template_path = D:\ioFTPD\scripts\SiteWho\templates_admin
template_path_2 = D:\ioFTPD\scripts\SiteWho\templates_limited
template_path_3 = D:\ioFTPD\scripts\sitewho\templates_dzsbot

I am hoping it's not case sensitive. If that is the problem, I will just kick myself.

ioFTPD 5.3.9r
ioZS 1.08
dZSBot 1.05
ioA 1.04

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