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Default New Service?

hi, i want to use iobanana sitebot but i cant hide a group with it, like dzsbot can with addict's sitewho-script.

so my question is: how to make a new service with the main ioftpd to hide the group?

i tried it before with other ftp services like serv-u or a second ioftpd progress, but that made a big less of bandwith on the main ioftpd, if there were more than 3 racers.

the best would be, if i can add this group to my main ioftpd with the same port and no anouncing of sitewho in irc.
i have this with dzsbot and iozs, the group is added and there is no anouncing of them, because of addict's sitewho-script, but i prefer iobanana.

i would be happy about any help!
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