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A service can be automatically started when the computer start, with no user login required.

btw. for those who didn't hear yet or didn't read... site who will be no more in 5.4
site swho will be available, and will list all users from all services.
also, ShowActivity is no more in 5.4

So that means that u can't (shouldn't in fact) allow normal users to use any built-in site s/who.
You won't be able to hide any dirs from site swho. You won't be able to hide any users (using another service for example) from site swho.

That basically means that if u use ioB, u'll need a replacement site who. Maybe something Harm will come up with, when he's done with his exams. Hum. In fact, site cid listbot might actually be used for that... Anyway, Harm's should fix something for u users.

And it also means that if u want normal users to have a site who, you'll need to get one of the avail. scripts.
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