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For 5.4 is it possible to make a filename setting?


ioFTPD_EXE_File = ioftpd.exe
User_Id_Table = ..\etc\UserIdTable
Group_Id_Table = ..\etc\GroupIdTable
Hosts_Rules = ..\etc\Hosts.Rules

User_Files = ..\users
Group_Files = ..\groups
Log_Files = ..\logs
Cache_Files = ..\cache

Default_Vfs = ..\etc\default.vfs
Environment = ..\etc\ioftpd.env

Then when you update a new version you change:
ioFTPD_EXE_File = ioftpd.exe
ioFTPD_EXE_File = ioftpd2.exe
or something and then site make a script. from ioftpd, to cycle the ioftpd, so it will close ioftpd.exe and runs ioftpd2.exe, so you dont need windows access anymore, ofcourse flagged with M.

so maybe a OLD and NEW file setting....
ioFTPD_EXE_File_OLD = ioftpd.exe
ioFTPD_EXE_File_NEW = ioftpd2.exe

is it possible?
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