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Default 5.4

1) More detailed errors on INTERNAL SITE commands.

[16:40:32] [L] site adduser boo
[16:40:32] [L] 500-Not enough arguments for command: adduser.
[16:40:32] [L] 500 Command failed.

[16:41:19] [L] site kick darkone with too many arguments
[16:41:19] [L] 500-Invalid argument: with too many arguments.
[16:41:19] [L] 500 Command failed.

[16:42:07] [L] site renuser barkone typo
[16:42:07] [L] 500 barkone: User does not exist.

[16:42:54] [L] site grpadd lSpeed
[16:42:54] [L] 500 lSpeed: Group already exists.

[16:44:12] [L] site change darkone vomits 0
[16:44:12] [L] 500-Invalid argument: vomits.
[16:44:12] [L] 500 Command failed.

In other words: it's able to show the exact argument(s) that triggered the error.

2) Internal unicode support. All routines are unicode ready; logging, users, groups, directory lists, .... (Unicode version of ioFTPD will be released at later point)

3) Initial version of integrated HELP command/database.

4) SITE WHO renamed to SITE SWHO

5) Config layout redesign

6) Per service message paths

7) Neutral default look
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