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I don't really think exact ordering is that important for io.
Some basic ordering using timestamps/priority value should be enough.
Only case where i see it would matter is like when u create a new user for example, well, u don't want the +credits transactions to take place before the +user transaction!
But then, u can almost completely defeat those errors using a priority on each transaction, so the transactions with higher priority are processed before those with lower priority.
Another case would be when u deluser someone... U don't really want other operations on that account to take place after the deluser... But then, it doesn't really matter either... And anyway, using a higher priority on the deluser transaction, it wouldn't happen.
I have thought about the election process too, but since i didn't find a situation where ordering was important, i removed that from a possible implementation.

Thx for the comments / thoughts sharing btw!
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