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Originally Posted by ChipMunk666
the blob thing i didn't figured out yet myself...But what i do know there we're some flaws in ioSharedb 0.9. But the creator stopped development or didn't go public with it.
What i do know there we're some scripts released.I know u can alter the names and flags in the database but i just started with it so
These i found in my old hd ioShareDBPre.itcl and ioShareDBPost.itcl
Didn't implement those yet.cause i don't have any readfiles about them so i have to figure out how it works but i think i can figure that out easily.But would be great help if someone could post these scripts aswell ...
The reason for abscense of readmes to those two files are that they were custommade for a ring and not meant be spread. Both are based on Harms old files if I can remember correctly.
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