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Default Re: editing dZSbot.tcl adding color to announce commands in mIRC

Originally posted by snaafu
set announce(NEWDIR) "\[%section\] + New Release: %path/%bold%release%bold (%relname) by %bold%user%bold@%group"

when i was using raidenFTPD and sitestat ....

i could add lines like

onNewDir=.say 14 .:[11 %h 14]:. 14(0 %r14) 14[ 11cReaTeD 14] 0by 14 %S

onDelDir=.say 14 .:[11 %h 14]:. 14(0 %r14) 14[ 11dELeTeD 14] 0by 14 %S

i wanna know how to add the COLOR to the script so when it announces in mIRC looks a bit less plain ?? is there a way ?
of course dzsbot support colors
by reading the manual & the file named README-COOKIES.TXT you will find all the cookies you can use in announces

have fun reading README-COOKIES.TXT

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