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Originally posted by darkone
I'll consider this; however problem is that you can't show when ban expires; since if user connects while ban is active, ban will be renewed. (and hammering user, would cause huge resource [memory, disk, cpu] consumption [log writing])
I was thinking it could write something like this (I'm not a programmer so I hope I'm not off my horse):


Have this write to log until the user/ip is banned. So log would use fairly low resources. There would be in the case of a 3 connect ban, only 4 log entries written.

Even further, in ioftpd.ini, an option could be added =1 (basic logging like above) and =2 (verbose for those with mega puters). That way the people that utilize this function would be have to deal with getting the needed resources.

For me, ban duration/expiration mean little, I'd just like to have the core info.

Anyway, just a few ideas. If you could come up with something, i'd be appreciated. Keep you the great work!

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