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thanx for your reply.

I just checked and everything is installed the way it should be:

xfermon is in the scheduler:
xfermon = * * * * EXEC ..\scripts\iotrial\xfermon.exe f:\SITE\ioFTPD\logs\xferlog
trialnewday = 0 0 * * EXEC ..\scripts\iotrial\trialex.exe -php -q -n f:\SITE\ioFTPD\scripts\iotrial\main.php newday
trialcheckup = 0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * EXEC ..\scripts\iotrial\xfermon.exe -php -q -n f:\SITE\ioFTPD\scripts\iotrial\main.php checkup

the xferlog is in the right and filled up with information

what else could be the problems

btw, commands like site quota add [user] do work.

site quota top [x] does not:
site quota top 5
200 Command successful.
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