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Default ioREADD v0.6

Some users asked for a readd script for ioFTPD, so here it is.

This is a first version and it's probably not as fast as it could be.
And it might (must ?) have some bugs or missing features.

Feel free to report bugs or wishes.


Users are now automaticaly added to the readd database when
they are deleted.
Users that are already present in the readd database can't be
added using the 'SITE ADDUSER' and 'SITE GADDUSER'
Users with a '!' in their username can't be added (due to some
itcl issues with such usernames).
Users readded are logged to SysOp.log.

New site commands:
SITE READDS lists all users in the readd database.
SITE READD <user> readds the user.
SITE PURGE <user> remove the user from the readd database.
SITE SETDELMSG <user> <message> replaces the default message
displayed to deleted users when they login with this one for
this user.

Added a message for deleted users next time they login.
Added custom login messages for deleted users.
Merged all site commands scripts into one itcl file.
Fixed security issues.
Special thanks to b>d>>s and B0unty.

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