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Unhappy ioBANANA Ranks system Not workin over time!

ioBANANA Ranks system Not workin over time!

within over a month of usin the ranks system in iobanan the stats are messed up for instance i put!

site 1
[1:22am] <@Noctorne> !bgstats monthup 2
[1:22am] <@|BOT|> -:: groupstats ::- #01 GROUP1 @ 58gb - #02 GROUP2 @ 53gb -

this states that GROUP1 is #1 in month upload correct?
and it is correct when i check it on the sites month up


[1:26am] <@Noctorne> !brank monthup =GROUP1
[1:26am] <@|BOT|> GROUP1 is #2 with 50.5 GB

where GROUP1 is not #2 where it is #1 and its not 50.5GB its 58GB

[1:28am] <@Noctorne> !brank monthup =GROUP2
[1:28am] <@|BOT|> GROUP2 is #1 with 53.4 GB

but GROUP2 isn't #1 but its stats are correct.

Site 2
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[1:29am] <@Noctorne> !dgstats monthup 2
[1:29am] <@|BOT1|> -:: groupstats ::- #01 GROUP2 @ 24gb - #02 GROUP1 @ 22gb -
those are true values!!


[1:30am] <@Noctorne> !drank monthup =GROUP2
[1:30am] <@|BOT1|> GROUP2 is #1 with 20.5 GB

rankage is correct but STAT incorrect 4 gb lost

[1:33am] <@Noctorne> !drank monthup =GROUP1
[1:33am] <@|BOT1|> GROUP1 is #3 with 18.2 GB

the rankage is WRONG and the STAT is WRONG
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tried on 2 different sites and this wat happened

proves that the stats thing is wrong!

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