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Originally posted by fobban
the idea of paying a little extra to be able to use all the wonderful scripts out there is a great idea, and it appears that that's the only opinion allowed to say in here, unless you wanna get banned.

i wanna see an excuse from mouton

/over and out
That isn't the only opinion. I'd personally prefer that everything was free, but hello "we're living in capitalist world"; so that isn't realistic option Mouton did only what i've advised all moderators to do. No personals (excluding me). Perioid. Everything else, is allowed. This rule is only to protect scripters. And IMHO it's fair. Rather than "why the **** you can't do this?", you should use "isn't this possible?"... just be polite, and others will be polite to you (sorry i'm a bit drunk, but still.. i'm sure you understand what i meant)
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