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Default strange ioBanana behaviour

for some reason Windrop loads all .tcl files w/out error, i've checked paths/logins numerous times, and the following still happens every time Windrop loads:

[12:58] ioBanana 7c by Mouton & Harm: Attempting to connect to FTP...
[12:58] debug | Starting new connection with:
[12:58] debug | -port = 6655
[12:58] debug control | C: Connection from
[12:58] debug | -> rc="220"
-> msgtext="ioFTPD [www:] - [version: beta 5] server ready."
-> state="user"
[12:58] debug | ---> USER sitebot
[12:58] debug control | C: 220 ioFTPD [www:] - [versio
n: beta 5] server ready.

the forums might make that a bit hard to interpret, sorry

it appears to me that the last line (right before it dies) isn't being parsed correctly (or at least isn't parsed like the first "control |" bit). i would take a look at the code if tcl didn't give me the willies

thanks for all the work you've done on ioB, it looks awesome and i look forward to using it
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