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Default iobanana 18D sitebot probs

hi i got the newest version of iobanana
when i start my bot half the time i get this

(00:39:21) (^Energy) [00:39] ioBanana 7c by Mouton & Harm loading...
(00:39:21) (^Energy) [00:39] ioB...Google v0.2.1 loaded
(00:39:21) (^Energy) [00:39] ioB...!invite script by ViNcE (mod by Mouton) loaded
(00:39:21) (^Energy) [00:39] ioB...dzsbot for ioFTPD by B0unty (mod by Mouton) loaded
(00:39:21) (^Energy) [00:39] ioBanana 7c by Mouton & Harm loaded
(00:39:21) (^Energy) [00:39] IMDB info version 2.1.1 loaded
(00:39:22) (^Energy) [00:39] Userinfo TCL v1.07 loaded (URL BF GF IRL EMAIL DOB PHONE ICQ).
(00:39:22) (^Energy) [00:39] use '.help userinfo' for commands.
(00:39:22) (^Energy) [00:39] winident.tcl v1.2 - by FireEgl@EFNet <> - Loaded.
(00:39:22) (^Energy) [00:39] Userfile loaded, unpacking...
(00:39:27) (^Energy) [00:39] ioBanana 7c by Mouton & Harm: Attempting to connect to FTP...
DCC session closed

^^ there it just shuts down the bot

this the other 49% of the time i get:

(00:41:37) (^Energy) [00:41] ioBanana 7c by Mouton & Harm: Attempting to connect to FTP...
(00:41:37) (^Energy) [00:41] error error | E: Service not available!
(00:41:37) (^Energy) [00:41] error error | E: Not connected!
(00:41:37) (^Energy) [00:41] ioSS: FTP connection failed - Not connected!

sometimes it does connect but still gives service not available!

the other 1 % it does actually work :P exept for the !speed command does not always see the users (says user not logged in)

i run in -nt mode

Thanks in advance


anybody a clue? the siteboT HAS permissiion i checked in the userfile.
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