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Originally posted by wooolF[RM]
do u have ANY idea how fast and how many times hdd head writes to the HDD? and how many times it reads... u should invistigate some then
does it matter?

if you could either run or walk and you would come to the same point @ the same time.. what would you do.. i would walk.. so what i mean if there is a way thats not as tuff for the hdd as another.. why do it in the hard way.. i mean.. whatever you say, the hdd will get worn out faster if you read or write with it all the time.. when you got like 15-20 users downloading and uploading and at the same time.. maybe 3 users are searching the entire hd's.. it has to work more and it gets warmer.. warmer hdds isnt as good as less warm hdd's.. thats my point..
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