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Default Problem with using SSL


I've been trying to get SSL workign for some time now but I keep failing..

I tried to follow the instructions of Generating.SSL.Key.For.ioFTPD.txt as precise as possible. Everything works fine until step III ( III. Installing the key to key-database): When I try to install the .crt file into the tab "Personal" of certmgr.exe. However I am only able to install it into "Trusted Root Certification Authorites".

I chose the following settings in ioftpd.ini:

Certificate_Name = XXXXXXX
Explicit_Encryption = True
Encryption_Protocol = SSL3
Min_Cipher_Strength = 128
Max_Cipher_Strength = 384

For some weird reason I am not able to connect to ioftpd. I always get the message that the SSL/TSL negociation failed.

Thanx a lot in advance, Bobby.
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