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Sorry Zer0Racer, I´m not sure that´s what he meant, but here below is my thought!

Would REALLY be of use of that to, since I thin above thoughts go more to , like me allso, if one have ex: ioBanana running and it at the end of a month goes around deleteing all ppl that have not "made" the monthly quotas, they get auto-deleted (delete/purged) by ioBanana.

Would be exelent with a script that would work like the old "READD v1.01" , but for the new ioFTPD, coz I cant get that to work, it useto work that way as a user got deleted, the info was stored, so u could later at anytime do a "site readd user" or a "site purge user" , and that earned ALOT of time, when for ex: someone wanted back on site again after been "deleted" , no need then to add all info again, just "site readd user" !

please anyone !

Ps. HEREs the old, not working-for-new-io version .
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