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Default Multi VFS files

I have a suggestion for using multipe vfs files.

I run a place were I currently have 8 different VFS files, to allow the various groups to have "private" sections.
But when I need to change locations of the files or perhaps move a section to anothe drive, I have 8 files to edit...

I would like to be able to give a user more than one vfs file, so I can give him, f.example:
1) General VFS - everything that is common to all
2) Group VFS - everything that is common to the group
3) Personal VFS - private dir on the server.

Perhaps it would then be posible to move some of the rights assigments into these vfs files, ie. letting the same entry in the group vfs overwrite the general vfs - with the difference that the general is read only but the group is write too.

I hope you can use my suggestion.


Zer0Racer edit: changed VSF to VFS, Virtual File System
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