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Originally posted by GOD-EMPEROR
google for ss-pre it does a lot, if changes in the works happen soon ss-pre might end up ported to io shortly....

anyway what does site pretime do? just return when something was pre'd? whats so fancy-pants about that?
It returns an aswer for a Q , can be of diffrent output like ->


.dupe test

2003-11-02 06:16:47 test-csr RACE MP3 (1 day 10 hours 55 minutes 3 seconds ago)
2003-10-30 20:03:32 testttttt-TmN PRE XBOX (3 days 21 hours 8 minutes 18 seconds ago)
2003-10-30 08:14:29 Pre_Test-Sorry-USF PRE MP3 (4 days 8 hours 57 minutes 21 seconds ago)
2003-10-28 21:27:11 test.pre-BE PRE TV (5 days 19 hours 44 minutes 39 seconds ago)


I didnt wana paste in actual "Scene" releases, but as I think stLancer , mean , is a script thats separat and can be runned on a site and the script HAS TO BE connected to a "Dupe check", prefferably a GOOD ONE!

So one can check, exakt when something was release, as a command (site pretime something-ellse) and as a .tcl script to be runed so ex: "!pretime something-ellse" .

Hope I´m on the right track explaining now
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